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Case Study: Diana Chaves:


Diana Chaves – 7th April 2017
After my Bilateral Arthroscopy on January 13th, 2017,1 was on Tylenol #3 and Tramadol which only mask my pain for 4-6 hours which I spend sleeping, where I had no ROM (range of motion) I felt worse and my knees would lock, which cause me more frustration. I knew then that I had to get off my prescriptions drugs were causing me more pain and weakness. I struggle more getting up and walking, your everyday life ritual yu take for granted, on my fourth week I had read about Kinesio taping and was thinking about trying it. On my 5th week I was scheduled to do PT at “PTT Today” and that was a joke for one whole hour I was setting on a platform table which made my knees lock more, I knew then and there that there had to be something better than this and I prayed over this when I was on FB (Facebook) a friend of mine had tried Kinesio taping and was bragging how amazing it was and how Pj had helped her. So, I asked her for information and my journey began with Kinesio taping.

I felt the difference as soon as Mrs Sullivan applied the Kinesio taping on my knees, to the point that I was able to jump off her table! And I had no pain!

I had come in her office walking with a cane. After the Kinesio application I was able to walk better and without the cane.

I am able to workout with my trainer now, 5 days a week and do my routine chores like grocery shopping without my knees locking and dragging “Frankenstein” , which I call my knees when they would lock up. I was told by my Orthopedic Surgeon that since my meniscus was like sand paper it would take me longer to heal, give or take 6-9 months, that’s like a life sentence to me! I can tell you that I am amazed on how Kinesio taping has changed my prognosis!!

I highly recommend Kinesio taping by Pj Sullivan of Lubbock, Texas.

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